Using the right term when referring to the people who patronize your business can make all the difference in the world. With that thought in mind… STOP using the word “CUSTOMER” and START using the word “CLIENT.” It’s a subtle change, but watch the impact it can have in the self-¬esteem department when you’re escorting a shopper through your store or office.


It’s simple. You see, the word “Customer” implies that the person just buys things from you. But the word “Client” implies a close relationship in which you are helping someone (namely … your “Client”). Clients are people you care about – people with whom you have a history. Customers are just people who buy from you, and. who may or may not ever buy from you again. It seems that as far as common perception goes business people tend to think of Customers as nuisances, but Clients are more important and are treated as such.