To continue on with the Customer Service Wisdom We Can Learn from a Toddler today’s topic is about Focus. To recap we have shared “Deal with the impatience”, “Listen with empathy”,”They need your assurance” and “Their loyalty will follow you everywhere.”

Focus on them

A toddler wants to be the center of your attention so he would do everything to keep it that way. While some parenting will train toddlers how not to be conceited, in customer service you thrive when you focus everything on the customer. We have cited in our previous posts about companies who excelled in their customer service when they made their approach “customer-centric”—i.e. Amazon and Zappos among others. Keeping your customers in mind when developing your business or improving customer service will definitely pay off in great rewards like gaining loyal customers and earning higher revenue.

Focus of a toddler

The focus of a toddler at play