Recently I was reading an article in one of my industry magazines, written by Brian Tracy, a motivational public speaker and self-development author about setting goals. I thought it had some useful information that I want to share with you.

Here are seven goal-setting questions for you to ask and answer over and over again. I suggest that you take a pad of paper and write out your responses.

Question 1: What are your five most important values in life?

This question is intended to help you clarify what is really important to you, and by extension, what is less important, or unimportant. Once you have identified the five most important values in life for you, organize them in order of priority, from number one, the most important, through number five, the least important.

Question 2: What are your three most important goals in life, right now?

This is called the “quick list” method. When you only have 30 seconds to write down your three most important goals, your subconscious quickly sorts out your goals. Your top three will just pop into your consciousness. With only 30 seconds, you will be as accurate as if you had 30 minutes.

Question 3: What would you do, how would you spend your time, if you learned you only had six months to live?

This is another value question to help you clarify what is really important to you. When your time is limited, even if only in your imagination, you become aware of whom and what you really care about.

Question 4: What would you do if you won $1 million, tax free, in the lottery tomorrow?

How would you change your life? What would you buy? What would you start doing, or stop doing? This is really a question to help you decide what you’d do if you had all the time and money you need, and if you had virtually no fear of failure at all.

Question 5: What have you always wanted to do, but have been afraid to attempt?

This question helps you see more clearly how your fears are blocking you from doing what you really want to do.

Question 6: What do you most enjoy doing?

What gives you your greatest feeling of self-esteem and personal satisfaction?

Question 7: What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you would not fail?

Imagine that a genie appears and grants you one wish. The genie guarantees that you will be absolutely, completely successful in any one thing that you attempt to do, big or small, short or long-term. If you were absolutely guaranteed success in any one thing, what one exciting goal would you set for yourself?

Action Exercise

Study the answers on your pad of paper. This paper represents your future goals. Determine each day to look at what you wrote and shape your life the way you see it on that paper.

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