Continuing on with the article on Customer Service we last talked about ” Dealing with Impatience.” The second lesson is:

Listen with empathy.

Toddler tantrums happen because of frustration. Whatever nature it may be, a frustrated toddler will definitely test your capability as a parent or a daycare attendant. No argument is won when a toddler is in the middle of a tantrum. Now listen to your irate customer—that is the sound of sheer frustration that needs to be released. So don’t interrupt when he talks. Let the customer voice out their concern and just listen, and listen empathetically. Connect with your customer by telling them you get why they are mad and you would also feel the same way if you were in his situation. Most of the time, the only way you can calm a customer down is to tune in to their emotions. They may not need any resolution at all but just an ear to listen.